Newsarama gets grim!

Check out the Newsarama interview with Rick and Myself about Black Metal:

NRAMA: From the way you talk, you're both metal heads. But to what degree?

CBB: Not to diminish Rick’s metal street cred, but I would say that out of the two of us, I’ll probably take the crown for biggest Metal head.

I’m a fan of all genres in Extreme music, there is just something excellent and true about pushing music to the limits. I’m not sure what it was exactly that first attracted me to the Black Metal genre, but it probably was a combination of the music’s epic nature coupled with the often creative approach to using lo-fi production. I just really love everything about the genre including the oft mocked face paint (read; Corpse Paint). It’s just so balls out that I can’t help but respect a good amount of it. Let’s just say that my fandom for the genre and certain bands can be summed up in the fact that I recently dropped two hundred bucks on an out of print Ulver vinyl box set.

RS: Chuck may wear crown but I’m no slouch. My background is more in punk and hard core and, being from Virginia, the slower southern metal. But a lot of punk has been co-opted and weakened with mainstream acceptance.

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Anonymous said...

yeah, the music definitely gets one into the right mode for procreating evil....Setherial and Darkthrone have been the choice musical muses for my next tat.