Paper Hails & Paper Horns!

I know, More Swords, More Horns, more Gauntlets... However the Technique/finish is new for me. Let me know how you like it or hate it - I'm pretty happy with the illusion it created. I was inspired by the tutorial at Steph Laberis's Blog. I didn't totally stick to it, but it was pretty helpful!

And for those who enjoy seeing some process, here's the sketch.


Urban Barbarian said...

BAD ASS, Maestro! Big Swords and Bad Attitudes!

maria said...

I really dig the technique, it has a collage look that gives warmth. Lovely!

RAWLS said...

With a man who loves and knows how to use ink as much as you, how could I not like yer stuff?! Great work man, love yer style.