I've been nominated for an EISNER?!?!

Yeah, What? Wow. I've been nominated for an Eisner award, in the category of Special Recognition for my work on Black Metal. To those not in the know, the Eisner awards are likened to the Oscars of comics, and I'm incredibly honored, and excited to have even been considered. I'm not entirely sure what Special Recognition means, but I've been told its something like Best New Talent, or Talent most deserving of wider recognition. There are some awesome nominees this year, so I'm excited to be included in it. blah blah blah, this is too crazy. I don't expect to win, but it feels nice to be recognized. So many thanks to go around, but i think for now i will squarely pin my thanks on my Co-Creator Writery Dude, Rick Spears... thanks dood!


greg said...

well done homie. congratsiscles!

Gnarfdeath said...

dude, thats badass! congrats!

Cisne Negro said...

Ei man, my deepest congratulations!! You deserve it!

Eddie lee said...

hey chuck,
i hope you win you deserve it. you have an original style and you work really hard.
good luck eddie lee