In the words of the immortal Montell Jordan, "This is how we do it." When I say we, i really mean I. Thanks to those who commissioned commissions from me. Look at those Mad stacks!

While in Chicago I attended my usual haunts, the delightful Metal Haven, the finest metal shoppe in all of the us. Hopefully they'll be carrying copies of BM volume 1 soon enough! I also attended a new choice metal and hamburger joint, a fancy lil' place called Kuma's Corner. This place is a real hard rock cafe - specializing in gormet burgers... gormet metal gut busting burgers. And let me tell you, it was everything I dreamed of and more. I partook of the Led Zepplin, which not only contained grade A beef, but also pulled pork. My associates partook of the Judas Priest, and the Slayer which consisted of a pile of fries, with a burger on top and a saucey sampling of chili poured all over. in other food news, I also attended the Taste of Chicago, and contrary to popular opinion i had a blast, and it provided me with this violent photograph of artist/buddy Steve Perkins eating what looks to be a turkey leg smothered in bloody hell.

In other Chicago news, i did feel the need to congratulate Graham Cracker comics in downtown for being smart and carrying my book - even if they did close too early for me to peek inside - luckly they keep their indie section near the window! taste the proof.

Of course, there is Uberstein! here's just 3 straight dudes enjoying some beer and having a gas.

And... I've saved the best for last. Here's writer and all around t-shirt impresario, Ivan Brandon, and 4 soft serve cones. accompanied by famed artist, and sausage enthusiast, Nick Stakal.

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