Wasteland #20

A little while back I was asked to be a part of Antony Johnston & Christopher Mitten's awesome post flood-apocalyptic ongoing series, Wasteland. for issue #20 I got to go crazy in their lavishly well constructed world. The book came out recently, so maybe you should give it a look, as well as the entire series!!!

Sneak peak:


Casey McKinnon said...

Ooooooohh... kick ass.

F.C. said...

hey, i love your work. i think it's great, i love metal too. i've made my own metal cartoons but haven't publishd them

cheers =D

oh, and escuse my poor english

F.C. said...

*excuse =P

Eddie lee said...

nice work man nice. If you did a book like Conan that would be awesome. Ever heard of Korgoth the Barbarian?