Telltale Games Crossover Extravaganza!

I got an awesome opportunity to be a part of a really rare, fun and cool lil' crossover from Telltale Games. This 24x18 print was created as an exclusive pre-order giveaway for the Penny Arcade Expo happening Labor Day weekend. I may get some copies, and if I do, I may give them away. Stay posted, tuned, or whatever else you characters do (maybe follow that twitter thing).
So if you happen to be at PAX this year, it seems you can get one for a cool $5 with a pre-order of the game! Check out the game info here!

Do you like process? If not, sorry.
Linework:Pencil:Thumbnail Sketch:


Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. You captured everyone's personality perfect. What a great way to advertise the game.

Billy Galant said...

Personally, I like Strong Bad in the thumbnail sketch.