New York New York!

Hey New York, lets take this time to get acquainted. We have always had a mutual respect for one another, but never before have we joined forces as we are about to this coming week.  In celebration of the release of Black Metal 2, which is now the 12th of October 2011, (this Wednesday), New York has decided to throw a special party called NEW YORK COMIC CON.  So, If you are there, I hope to see you at our booth, checking out Black Metal 2.  Remember, this is my FIRST CON APPEARANCE ON THE EAST COAST!  So come bug me.  I will be doing sketches all con-long and selling Original art from Black Metal 1 & 2, as well as other books.  And without further adue I offer you this infographic that tells you everything you need to know about my NYCC schedule.  Print it out, or save it in your phone - it's the best.


IniquitousFish said...

Have an awesome time!

Chuck BB said...

thanks! I will have the awesomest time!

HAMEED khan said...

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