Oh Boy!  It's Comic Con Time!  And I've got a new Black Metal print to debut, which I'll be selling at the con for competitive prices. I'll be at the Oni Press Booth #1833 from 3pm-4:45 PM EVERY DAMN DAY!  So why not stop by?  I'll be doing con sketches and I'll have original art from Black Metal 1 & 2, which will also be sold at competitive prices.  So come on by, and say Hey, and pick up a copy of Black Metal 2 if you haven't.  I'll sign it for you... you know I will.  In the mean time... check out these prints!
Hate Red Color print / limited run of 25
TROO B&W Print / limited run of 50
So... I'll see you at SDCC... Right?   Right?  Oh, Come on! Get on your horse.  Lets go hard on this Mother F***ING Paint!

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