What I listens to?

I've been a bad blogger as of Late, but that just means I've been busy. I've got nothing I can show right now, but I'll have a few announcements down the road that should perk someones fancy if not my own. but for now, here's a list of tunes that I've been doodling to as of late. My reviews are all encompassing, you will require no further coaxing!

Genghis Tron
Board Up The House

This may be a contender for best album of the year. Not only is the album killer, but the live show was even more intense. This is like Grindy Nasty Electro Metal at its finest, with really refined beats, great melodies, and gimmick free. Groove laden brutal fun for all ages!

Massive Conspiracy Against All Life

Leviathan… bay area drone-ish black as night metal. What need I say more than that?

Anaal Nathrakh
Hell is Empty and all the Devils are Here

Anaal is as tight as ever (wink.) This is actually one of my more favorite of their albums, just because the songs are more concise, a little more hook oriented, but still as nasty and brutal as they come. It’s good fast brutality. They will play in here in LA in 2 days, and I’m fairly excited, cant wait.


I’m feeling a lot of Helmetness and Isisery here, and in one song a touch of Celtic Frost’s pounding. This is really good stuff. Nothing that’s too invasive, just pretty smooth and heavy.

Brown Jenkins
Angel Eyes

To Tell you the truth I haven’t listened to this one enough to know if it will be in my heart forever, but so far I really dig it. It’s dark and sludgy, but very much in the family of Black Metal. It’s got an element of shoegazery-orchestration to it that I really enjoy, but with all the low production value of a good garage tape.


An Oldy but a goody, this sucker has been pulled out of the archives and back into my daily routine. I was reading that they will be doing a new album, I hope it’s smooth. But if you’ve never heard this… and you like good proggy-spacey death metal with vocoders… maybe you should probably have already owned this.


Harper said...

You know what's awesome?
I picked Genghis Tron for most awesome band name of the week before I even saw this post-- Great minds...

Sara said...

Thank you for revealing Genghis Tron to me; I am forever in your debt sir. I am also in agreement with your take on Leviathan. How do you feel about Wrest's more ambient project, Lurker of Chalice?

Chuck BB said...

I like where your heads at, music-wise. I haven't listened to Lurker of Chalice... I guess I should!