NYCC - Just The Tip.

New York Comic Con, what a thing that was.  It is now over, and my feet hurt.  Soon I will be in LA, with visions of pizzas and pony bars dancing in my head.  The show was an overwhelming success as Oni Press sold out of every copy of Black Metal 1 & 2 that we had.  So there you have it, we are the best.  Along with all that success and excitement I also made time to draw some sketches and talk to some convention folks.  So thanks to all of those I met, and I am sure you are thanking me now.  Here is just a taste of what you missed.

Jesse Pinkman of the Breaking Bads

Marcelene's father from Adventure Time.  His head really does look like giant wang.

Princess Mononoke and those Lil' wierd guys.

 Just a pair of crazy kids and their Black Metal sketches.

This man did not buy the book, so I drew a pentagram on his hand so he could have the poster.

This lady as well. (who was cosplaying as Colonel Sanders)

I did a quick sketch of Shawn Stronghand from Black Metal for this girl.  She swore that the next day she would bring me beer for my efforts.  Sure enough, the next day she brought me a solid 6 pack of Octoberfest beers.  Thanks!


theWoodenKing said...

veeeery Cool Print Chuck!
cant wait to read book2!

Ptid said...

Love the Jesse Pinkman !