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Found an old sketch of Link from Legend of Zelda, and I actually kinda liked it - so I colored it for your viewing pleasures.


Prince Goro

More digital practice, Mortal Kombat's Goro in the style of Grand Theft Auto, and a lil' bit of Drive as well. It still takes me far too long to work digitally, but i'm happy-ish with the results.



Hey!  I'll be at NYCC, showcasing some new upcoming stuff at Offset Comics and slingin' original arts and prints.  You may wish to stop by and say Hello, so I will tell you where and how below.  And if you took part in the Pre-NYCC sale and wish to pick up your art - I will have it with me. I'll also have a few copies of the Mercyful Fate Tribute Comic, Satan is Alive!  GET ABOUT IT!

  • Offset Comics (Artist Alley Booth N2) - ALL DAY(Unless otherwise noted)
  • Oni Press (Booth #1221) - 4:00-4:45

  • Offset Comics (Artist Alley Booth N2) - ALL DAY(Unless otherwise noted)
  • Oni Press (Booth #1221) - 1:00-1:45 

  • Offset Comics (Artist Alley Booth N2) - ALL DAY(Unless otherwise noted)
  • Oni Press (Booth #1221) - 1:00-1:45



Kaneda is a Jerk, So Screw him!  We've got a rad blob arm and all this power. What could possible go wrong?  Time to go show my crush, Kaori what I can do.  Eat a D**K Kaneda!


If you click the image you get a larger version, duh.



I recently got a Cintiq, and the digital stuff does not come so naturally, so I'm just banging out some practice pieces to try and get comfortable with the machine.  As a result, I drew Judge Judy.

Judge Judy & Executioner


Undead wolvie

 Cintiq practice, randomness.  What if Wolverine was a ghostly zombie scooby-doo bad guy who had a skull for a face but for some reason had those silly Wolvey horn-flaps from his mask.

...from the bathroom.



Oh Boy!  It's Comic Con Time!  And I've got a new Black Metal print to debut, which I'll be selling at the con for competitive prices. I'll be at the Oni Press Booth #1833 from 3pm-4:45 PM EVERY DAMN DAY!  So why not stop by?  I'll be doing con sketches and I'll have original art from Black Metal 1 & 2, which will also be sold at competitive prices.  So come on by, and say Hey, and pick up a copy of Black Metal 2 if you haven't.  I'll sign it for you... you know I will.  In the mean time... check out these prints!
Hate Red Color print / limited run of 25
TROO B&W Print / limited run of 50
So... I'll see you at SDCC... Right?   Right?  Oh, Come on! Get on your horse.  Lets go hard on this Mother F***ING Paint!



Hey LA peoples(and surrounding areas)!  Just a quick note, I'll be at a Mini-Con in Eagle Rock this Saturday May 5th.  That is the Free Comic Book Day of legends, so stop on by it's totally free to get in!  I'll have books and Drawings and Prints. There should be plenty of cool exhibitors there, and there's a fancy lil' art show/exhibit up with lots of fine art times inside it.

Eagle Rock Mini Comic Con!
Saturday May 5th!
Eagle Rock Center For The Arts
2225 Colorado Blvd.  Los Angeles, CA 90041


Shelf Life 2

Hey LA!(and surrounding areas, 909 that means you!) I'll be set up at Shelf Life 2 convention which takes place at USC, THIS SATURDAY (the 24th of March). It's totally FREE to attend, and should be loads of fun. There are tons of other fancy creatives there, and I'll have original art and books for sale. Soooo... See you there?

March 24, 2012
11:00 AM - 5:00 PM
University Park Campus
Harris Hall
Get the details here


Dirty Work tribute

Gallery 1988 is hosting a Comedian themed gallery show entitled Is This Thing On, it opens tonight and it will no doubt be amazing.  I'm a huge comedy fan, and as much as I wanted to illustrate my favorite podcasters... there are few comedians I have as much love for as Norm Macdonald, and few movies that have such a special place in my heart as Dirty Work.  So here are my pieces for the show, in loving tribute of the adventures of Mitch & SamI always dreamed one day these two comedic giants would join forces again, but for now Good Bye Real Cops, Good bye.


You look like someone I could be Best Friends with.

Here are 3 Pieces that will be for sale at the Gallery 1988's [ADULT SWIM] art show(check out some of the other [AS] art here).  The opening reception is this Friday!  I'll post the info below.  As you can see, I chose to worship at the throne of Tim & Eric.  This is pretty much my first time working in water color, so hopefully I did Raz, Spaghett & Brule justice.  

thumbnail doodles for those who enjoy that sort of thing.

"Gallery 1988 x Adult Swim"
Opening Reception: Friday, Jan. 13, 7-10pm
January 13 - February 4, 2011


NYCC - Just The Tip.

New York Comic Con, what a thing that was.  It is now over, and my feet hurt.  Soon I will be in LA, with visions of pizzas and pony bars dancing in my head.  The show was an overwhelming success as Oni Press sold out of every copy of Black Metal 1 & 2 that we had.  So there you have it, we are the best.  Along with all that success and excitement I also made time to draw some sketches and talk to some convention folks.  So thanks to all of those I met, and I am sure you are thanking me now.  Here is just a taste of what you missed.

Jesse Pinkman of the Breaking Bads

Marcelene's father from Adventure Time.  His head really does look like giant wang.

Princess Mononoke and those Lil' wierd guys.

 Just a pair of crazy kids and their Black Metal sketches.

This man did not buy the book, so I drew a pentagram on his hand so he could have the poster.

This lady as well. (who was cosplaying as Colonel Sanders)

I did a quick sketch of Shawn Stronghand from Black Metal for this girl.  She swore that the next day she would bring me beer for my efforts.  Sure enough, the next day she brought me a solid 6 pack of Octoberfest beers.  Thanks!


New York New York!

Hey New York, lets take this time to get acquainted. We have always had a mutual respect for one another, but never before have we joined forces as we are about to this coming week.  In celebration of the release of Black Metal 2, which is now the 12th of October 2011, (this Wednesday), New York has decided to throw a special party called NEW YORK COMIC CON.  So, If you are there, I hope to see you at our booth, checking out Black Metal 2.  Remember, this is my FIRST CON APPEARANCE ON THE EAST COAST!  So come bug me.  I will be doing sketches all con-long and selling Original art from Black Metal 1 & 2, as well as other books.  And without further adue I offer you this infographic that tells you everything you need to know about my NYCC schedule.  Print it out, or save it in your phone - it's the best.